Scholarship Info
2010, 2011 & 2012: Scholarships awarded through the Foundation 2013 – to current: Went through WCCF (Washington County Community Foundation) Every year, WCCF awards 2 scholarships and Foundation awards one scholarship for varsity volleyball player that has the highest grade point average for 3 years (of the Volleyball team). Olivia Scott Foundation Award given – Starting Fall of 2018 through Waynesburg University – To a student participating in the service learning program, will receive a scholarship to ease the expenses of the program. (Criteria decided by the university)
Scholarship Recipient Info

Awarded through the Olivia Scott Foundation:

2021 Gracie Stagon McGuffey Volleyball Scholarship 2012 Jessica Kuhn (McG), Dennis Welch (McG), & Hannah Russell (California High School) 2011 Chelsey Gooch (McG) & Connor Levy (McG) 2010 Olivia McClay (McGuffey High School [McG]) & Logan McDonald (McG)

Awarded through the Olivia Scott Foundation and the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF):

2021 John Franz (McG) & Madeline Gillo (Chartiers Houston) PFWW -To be named C-H Leo Club – To be named Waynesburg Service Learning – On Hold Relay For Life – To be announced on August 7th 2017 Reilly Sternagel (McG) & John Ross (Trinity) & D’Andra Davis (McG VBall Scholarship from OSF) 2016 Mallory Hamilton (McG) & Matthias Campion (Peters Township) & Rachel Kleinhans (McG VBall Scholarship from OSF) 2015 Marrissa Durbin (McG) & Samantha Berry (Peters Township) & Kayla Renko (McG VBall Scholarship from OSF) 2014 Forest Donahue (McG) & Ryan Black (Peters Township) & Courtney Streeter (McG Vball Scholarship from OSF) 2013 Erik Capra (McG) & Erin Ritzer (Bentworth)